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Обращение к Королеве Великобритании. To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Your Majesty,

It was with great sadness that we Russian people learned of the persecution of The Holy Cross that has begun in Great Britain, and of the support for this persecution from the British Government, Your Royal Majesty’s own Government.
The Holy Cross is a sacred symbol throughout all of Christendom. Wearing the cross is obligatory for all Christians. And to determine how precisely to wear the cross – whether to wear it over one’s clothing as for example you do, Your Highness, or whether to wear it privately, under one’s clothing – this is the right of each Christian and each Christian society.
If I might be so bold as to remind you, all our contemporary European civilisation, and all American civilisation, and indeed a great part of all the modern civilisation on our planet Earth, is founded on the Christian Faith with the benediction of Our Lord Jesus Christ. All of the achievements and the entire world order have been founded on the basis of Christian values, Holy Scripture and tradition. Over the past 500 years, it has been Christians who achieved the major accomplishments in science and technology, as well as in government and civil society. Furthermore Your Majesty’s country of Great Britain can trace its history as a sovereign nation back to the follower of Christ St. Joseph of Arimathea who during the time of Christ ran a trade in tin between the promised land and England, and after the Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ returned to England and founded there the first Christian communities in England, which served as the bedrock for the first English kings, among them King Arthur.
The monarchs of Great Britain have always been considered protectors of the Christian Faith. Your Majesty openly wears The Holy Cross on your crown, and on your royal vestments. Therefore persecution of the Holy Cross is persecution of Your Royal Majesty’s own dignity, belittlement of You, as head of the Church of England.
Alas, such persecution is not a new occurrence in British History. Britain, like many other European countries, has experienced the sorrow of a monarch betrayed by his own people, the sin of regicide, encouraged by the devil himself.
It is the rejection of the bedrock of Christian values that has already brought the European Union uniting majority of Christian nations to the brink of destruction and financial collapse.
Unprecedented drought and deficit in food products will serve as visitation of God to England for persecution of the Сross.
Therefore I dare you to exert your authority over the British people, and direct your service to the British people towards protecting The Holy Cross, defending this object sacred to all Christians from being trampled by the British government, and call upon the people of Great Britain, the British Parliament, and the British Government, to enact legislation prohibiting persecution of individuals for openly wearing the cross, prohibiting termination of employment for openly wearing The Holy Cross.
I wish you peace, and may God’s grace assist you in your labours to the glory of Christ! And we sinners must in the meantime refrain from purchasing British goods, as they are the fruit of a country ruled by such a government that would allow persecution of The Holy Cross, and we will call upon all to follow our example until such time as the situation is remedied in Your Royal Majesty’s nation.
With the deepest respect,

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the party
People’s Movement ‘Holy Russia’ Vasiliy Boyko-Velikiy

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